Life is stressful and busy. 24 hours a day seems too short. If I sleep enough, I feel guilty for not being more productive. Feeling productive often implies feeling tired from a lack of sleep. By default, the human body regulates itself into 25 hour/day cycles. I often wonder what would happen if society added one more hour to each day. To be sure, the sun’s 24 hour cycle would create problems similar to the near 24 hour days experienced in Alaska, but I wonder if people would lead better lives on average. The average person would probably use the extra hour to work longer, play more, do anything but sleep more. I guess that means that longer days would only add to society’s sleep problems. It is often said that sleeping less came about–and is getting worse–as an unfortunate side effect of technology. If there were no light bulbs, people would have little to do after dark and go to sleep. I have yet to see any proof of this statement.

IHCWAY クチコミで評判のマンツーマン英会話


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