Life is stressful and busy. 24 hours a day seems too short. If I sleep enough, I feel guilty for not being more productive. Feeling productive often implies feeling tired from a lack of sleep. By default, the human body regulates itself into 25 hour/day cycles. I often wonder what would happen if society added one more hour to each day. To be sure, the sun’s 24 hour cycle would create problems similar to the near 24 hour days experienced in Alaska, but I wonder if people would lead better lives on average. The average person would probably use the extra hour to work longer, play more, do anything but sleep more. I guess that means that longer days would only add to society’s sleep problems. It is often said that sleeping less came about–and is getting worse–as an unfortunate side effect of technology. If there were no light bulbs, people would have little to do after dark and go to sleep. I have yet to see any proof of this statement.

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I cope with this problem by spending as much time as possible in air-conditioned places and hoping for the cooler weather of autumn. However, venturing outside to get to the store for food or to go to work is sometimes unavoidable. Also, the weather sometimes gives false hopes of a cooler autumn.
Even during summer, there is an occasional day of rain/cloudyness. On these days I rejoyce, thinking that the worst of the summer humidity has passed and the days will slowly grow cooler, more bearable. This has happened several times this summer. Unfortuneately, right after the rain or clouds pass, summer came back and I resumed my prayers for autumn’s arrival.
I bring this up because today is cooler and at least bearable…….but tomorrow?


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A Start to Autumn?
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Summer in Tokyo feels unbearably hot and humid. Many people ask me why I can’t stand the heat since I’m from Hawaii, a place where the weather is warm to hot all year round. My answer to such questions is that the heat itself does not bother me; it’s the humidity that I can’t handle. Tokyo summer days (and nights) feel like walking through a swimming pool, but with the cool relief of the water replaced by a suffocating heat. The humidity only amplifies the heat, making me sweat even when sitting in the shade.


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Regardless of whose pronunciation learners of English try to mimic, the important thing is to be understood. If you can make your point clearly, your communication skills in English are probably better than many Americans (possibly including myself 🙂 ). My apologies to linguists who may have been offended by my suggestion of the existence of a “true English”.


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On the other hand, the number of speakers in the US and Britain are stagnant. Despite what they may aspire to, the English speakers in India and China speak their own versions of English (Indian English and Chinese English). In addition, the economic and political power of these countries is expanding. These two facts seem to suggest that the most favored version of English will change to Indian or Chinese English. So perhaps learners of English should try to master the pronunciations of Indian or Chinese English speakers rather than American or British speakers….


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I am writing about this topic because not so long ago, someone said something interesting to me regarding English. It is thought that many learners of English aspire to either American or British English. Recently, however, the number of native English speakers from America and Britain have been outnumbered by the number of English learners in other countries. Of these other countries, India and China are most noteworthy because the number of English speakers in India and China are growing rapidly.


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However, this meaning for “true English” is problematic because languages are always evolving and there may not be a clear line dividing the English language and its predecessors. Perhaps “true English” is that which is aspired to by both learners and native speakers; it is a collection of English words, expressions, and pronunciations that all English speakers wish to posses. Maybe “true English” is the English that is spoken and understood by the most people; the English that is the most useful in today’s world.